An Overview of Nanon Network: The Gaming Blockchain with $10 Million in Funding

An Overview of Nanon Network: The Gaming Blockchain with $10 Million in Funding

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Introduction to Nanon Network

Nanon Network is a high-performance, modular blockchain platform specifically designed for gaming. Its creation marks a significant step forward in technological innovation within the gaming industry. With recent completion of a $10 million financing round, Nanon Network has garnered strong support from industry giants such as SIG, The9 Limited, LK Venture, and FBG Capital, showcasing the market’s recognition and anticipation for its technology and future prospects.

SIG is the largest external investor in ByteDance and the largest institutional holder of BTC spot ETF; The9 Limited was the early agent for World of Warcraft; LK Venture’s parent company Blueport Interactive is a well-known listed company in the gaming sector. Nanon Network aims to provide a high-performance, modular platform and build an all-in-one gaming ecosystem, covering various aspects from game promotion, asset issuance to trading markets, guild management, and portal information, creating comprehensive gaming ecosystem products.

High Performance and Modular Design

Nanon Network aims to provide a highly scalable and efficient gaming blockchain solution with its core advantage being modular design. This design allows the platform to flexibly add or update various features to meet the evolving needs of the gaming market and technological advancements. In this way, Nanon Network can support games of various scales, from small indie games to large-scale MMORPGs.

Comprehensive Gaming Ecosystem

As an all-in-one gaming blockchain platform, Nanon Network offers a full range of services, including game promotion, asset issuance, trading market, guild management, and portal information. These services collectively build a complete gaming ecosystem, allowing developers to focus on creating outstanding gaming experiences without worrying about the underlying technical and market challenges. Additionally, this ecosystem enables players to enjoy a smoother gaming experience and more efficient asset transactions.

Major Game Titles

Nanon Network is not just a technical platform; it will also launch several major games, including “PlayerOne” (a blockchain version of Minecraft), “Eternal” (a blockchain version of Aion), and “WarStone” (a blockchain version of Hearthstone). These games cover a range of genres from sandbox treasure hunting to epic card strategies, expected to attract a wide global player base.

Node Mining and Token Economy

Node operators play a crucial role in Nanon Network’s ecosystem. By participating in node mining, operators not only support the network’s stability and security but also receive Nanon tokens as rewards. Additionally, Nanon employs a strategy of limiting total supply and repurchasing and burning tokens to ensure long-term value appreciation. For node purchasers seeking zero-risk investment, Nanon also offers a principal-protected repurchase option after one year.

Through these advanced technologies and economic strategies, Nanon Network not only addresses some of the core issues facing the current gaming industry but also lays a solid foundation for future development.

Main Features and Advantages of Nanon Network

As a blockchain platform designed specifically for gaming, Nanon Network provides a series of groundbreaking advantages in the gaming industry through its innovative technology and modular architecture.

Highly Modular Design

One of the core features of Nanon Network is its highly modular design. This design not only provides great flexibility but also allows developers to customize and expand their applications according to specific game needs. Whether it is a small indie development project or a large-scale MMORPG, Nanon’s modular structure ensures that the platform can easily adapt to various complexities.

EVM-Compatible Game Blockchain

By implementing an EVM-compatible game blockchain, Nanon Network not only allows developers to leverage the extensive resources of the existing Ethereum ecosystem but also significantly improves transaction efficiency and network scalability through its modular expansion. This structural design enables Nanon Network to maintain low latency and high throughput when handling a large number of game transactions.

All-in-One Gaming Ecosystem Products

Nanon Network offers a comprehensive range of gaming ecosystem services, including game promotion, asset issuance, trading market, guild management, and gaming information. This all-in-one solution greatly simplifies the complexity of game development and operation, allowing developers to focus more on creating engaging gaming experiences while providing players with richer interaction and trading platforms.

OP Stack Technology Solution

Built on OP Stack technology, Nanon Network optimizes transaction processing and data storage mechanisms through its advanced Layer 2 scaling technology. This implementation not only reduces transaction costs but also enhances network security and decentralization, ensuring the security of player assets and the stable operation of the network.

Comprehensive Gaming Ecosystem Products

While strengthening its gaming blockchain platform, Nanon Network is also actively expanding its all-in-one gaming ecosystem products to meet the needs of different game developers and players. Here are some of the main products and their key features:

Game Portal & Promotion Engine

Introduction: Optimize game promotion strategies using data analysis and AI technology, achieving unprecedented exposure and conversion rates through precise marketing.

Key Features:

Data-Driven Optimization: Integrate big data analysis and user behavior research, optimize game promotion through AI, and enhance conversion rates and ROI.

All-in-One Promotion Tools: Simplify the process of creating, deploying, and managing ads, offering an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features.

Multi-Channel Coverage: Integrate various channels, such as social media and gaming guilds, for extensive market reach.

Game Asset Issuance Platform

Key Features:

Project Showcase: Provide a platform for game developers to showcase their projects and attract investors and users’ attention.

Asset Issuance Support: Offer end-to-end solutions from technical integration to market strategies.

Market Access: Leverage Nanon Network’s resources to support the market promotion and user acquisition of game projects.

Game Asset Trading Platform

Key Features:

Fair and Transparent Transactions: Use blockchain technology to ensure transaction security and asset authenticity.

Support for Diverse Assets: Support transactions of various game assets to meet wide-ranging needs.

Simple Trading Experience: Provide an intuitive trading interface, simplifying the process of buying and selling.

Game and Guild Management Platform

Key Features:

Integrated Operations Tools: Integrate data analysis and player management tools to support efficient operations.

Marketing Strategy Support: Offer marketing strategies and implementation support to help attract and retain active players.

Community Building Support: Provide tools and strategies to help build and maintain player communities.

Web3 Gaming Information Platform

Key Features:

Comprehensive Content: Offer the latest gaming news, reviews, tutorials, and industry analysis.

Community Interaction: Encourage content creation and discussion to drive industry development.

Tutorial Resources: Provide tutorials to support players and developers in understanding and joining the Web3 gaming field.

Through these all-in-one solutions, Nanon Network not only strengthens its position as a technology provider but also creates a fully supported environment for game developers and players, thereby driving innovation and growth in the entire blockchain gaming industry.

Application Scenarios of Ecosystem Products

As a blockchain platform focused on gaming, Nanon Network offers multiple application scenarios that leverage its technological advantages to solve common issues in the gaming industry and promote new business models. Here are some key application scenarios and practical use cases:

Asset Trading

On Nanon Network, players can trade in-game assets, such as equipment, items, and virtual currency, in a secure environment. Utilizing the immutability of blockchain technology, transaction records are transparent and irreversible, reducing the likelihood of fraud. For example, players who mine rare ores in the game “MineBlock” can directly sell them to other players on the platform, eliminating the need for third-party trading platforms, thereby reducing transaction fees and time delays.

Cross-Game Asset Interoperability

Nanon Network supports interoperability of assets between different games, allowing players to use or display assets acquired in one game in another. For instance, advanced skins obtained in “PlayerOne” can be used in “MineBlock”. This interoperability not only increases the utility of assets but also promotes player interaction and community building across different games.

Gamification of Finance

Through Nanon Network, developers can build complex economic models supporting in-game financial derivatives, such as asset collateralization and trading. This allows players to handle their virtual assets as they would real-world assets. For example, players can collateralize their equipment in “Eternal” to obtain in-game loans to purchase higher-grade equipment or other investment projects.

Game Promotion and Marketing

Nanon Network provides tools and platforms to support game promotion activities and marketing strategies. Developers can leverage the transparency of blockchain to create trustworthy promotion activities, such as limited edition NFT issuance or special rewards, to attract new players and reward loyal ones. For instance, game developers might issue special edition NFTs to the first 1,000 players as a reward for participating in early game testing.

Guild and Community Management

Using Nanon Network, gaming guilds and communities can more effectively manage their members and resources. Blockchain technology can help ensure fair and transparent contribution and reward distribution among guild members. Additionally, guilds can automate fee collection and resource distribution through smart contracts.

Nanon Token Economy

Initial Distribution

In designing the Nanon Network token economy, a total supply of 2 billion Nanon tokens has been set. The distribution of these tokens aims to support the long-term sustainable development and community activities of the network, as well as reward node operators and community members who contribute to the network.

Nodes & Community – 55%:

Node Production: 50% of the total supply is used to reward node operators, supporting network security and efficiency.

Community Building: 5% of the total supply is used for community development and various community incentive activities.

Ecosystem – 11%:

Initial Unlock: 2% is unlocked at TGE (Token Generation Event) to support the initial development of the ecosystem.

Subsequent Unlock: The remaining 9% will begin unlocking 6 months after TGE, following a 36-month linear unlocking mechanism,totaling 42 months.

LP (Liquidity Provision) – 2%:

Immediate Unlock: Unlocked at TGE to facilitate market liquidity.

Investments – 15%:

Locking and Release:

10.4% of the total supply, where 40% will be locked for 9 months and then linearly released over the next 10 months; 60% will be locked for 24 months and then released in the same manner over the next 10 months.

4.6% of the total supply, where 10% will be released in the 6th month, with the remaining 90% locked for 9 months and then linearly released over the next 9 months.

KOL Round – 2%:

Unlocking Plan: 10% is immediately unlocked at TGE, with the remaining 90% locked for 6 months and then linearly released over the next 15 months.

Team – 15%:

Team Incentives: Begin unlocking 18 months after TGE, then linearly unlocked over the next 36 months, totaling 45 months.

About Nanon Tokens

Nanon tokens are the primary governance and ecosystem tokens of Nanon Network, similar to traditional Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) blockchain platform tokens. They are fully transferable and can be used for network governance, with a certain proportion of network transaction fees used for repurchasing and burning Nanon. Nanon and esNanon can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio, a design intended to bring balance and completeness to the ecosystem.

esNanon Tokens and Staking Mechanism

esNanon tokens are a special type of token that is non-tradable and non-transferable, primarily used for staking in the Nanon ecosystem to obtain various benefits. This includes rewards for stakers participating in ecological construction and maintaining network security. Staking esNanon offers multiple advantages, such as participating in governance, pool rewards, and potential future airdrop events.

Mining Pools and Reward Mechanism

Nanon provides mining pool functionality, especially for users owning Shield Key super nodes. These super nodes can create their own mining pools, manage pool configurations, and distribute rewards based on the staked amount of esNanon. This pooling strategy not only improves the consistency of rewards but also increases community members’ cooperation through collaboration.

Shield Key and Node Rewards

Nanon’s node reward mechanism is central to its token economy. The total supply is set at 2 billion Nanon, most of which is used to reward users running nodes. As participation increases, the system automatically adjusts the release of rewards to ensure long-term security and activity of the network.

Governance and Community Participation

Nanon emphasizes the importance of community governance. In the future, it is expected that esNanon and Shield Key holders will be able to vote on significant network changes and governance proposals, directly influencing the network’s development direction.

Economic Model Sustainability

Nanon has designed a series of economic strategies to ensure the sustainability of its token economy, including a token repurchase plan and meticulous management of pool rewards. These strategies aim to maintain token value, motivate participants to remain active, and support the healthy development of the entire ecosystem.

Future Development Plans and Outlook

Nanon Network has already established a solid foundation within the gaming blockchain industry. Its future development plans and outlook aim to further expand its technological boundaries, strengthen its global market influence, and deepen the functionality and user experience of its ecosystem.

Technological Development and Innovation

Nanon Network plans to continue investing in technology R&D, especially in enhancing the performance and security of its existing game blockchain. Additionally, Nanon will support ongoing Ethereum upgrades to ensure compatibility and cutting-edge status with major blockchain technologies.

Ecosystem Expansion

As technology matures and the market expands, Nanon Network will strive to attract more game developers and content creators to its platform. This includes providing more development tools and resources to lower the entry barrier for developers, as well as expanding its marketing and user acquisition strategies to increase the global user base.

Community and Collaboration

To further enhance the cohesion and engagement of its community, Nanon plans to launch more community-driven projects and activities. This includes online seminars, developer conferences, and user gatherings, as well as enhancing interaction and collaboration among community members. Additionally, Nanon will continue to collaborate with industry partners to jointly promote blockchain gaming standards and practices.

Sustainable Development and Governance

Nanon Network plans to transition to a model managed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) over the next few years, making the platform’s operations more transparent and democratic. By implementing effective governance structures and incentive mechanisms, Nanon aims to involve all stakeholders in the network’s governance and decision-making processes.

Long-Term Goals

Looking long-term, Nanon Network aims to become a global leader in the gaming blockchain platform, not only as a technological innovator but also as a leader in ecological transformation in the gaming industry. By continuously optimizing its platform and services, Nanon hopes to support more game types and business models, truly pushing blockchain gaming into the mainstream market.

Nanon Network has already demonstrated its significant impact on the gaming industry and its great potential for future development in a short time. With innovative technology and a well-thought-out economic model, it not only addresses many of the existing challenges in the gaming industry but also provides developers and players with a new platform full of opportunities. As more collaborations and community activities progress, along with continuous technological upgrades and ecosystem expansion, Nanon Network is poised to shape the future of gaming experiences, making them richer and more dynamic.

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