Hotcoin Will Launch HugeWin(HUGE) Trading at 23:00(GMT+8) on Mar.25th

According to the official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of HUGE/USDT currency pair at 23:00(GMT+8) on Mar.25th,2024.The deposits of HUGE will be enabled at 17:00 (GMT+8) on Mar.25th,2024, and the withdrawals of HUGE will be available at 17:00 (GMT+8) on Mar.27th,2024. HUGE is the core digital currency of the HugeWin ecosystem, built on the Ethereum…
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CDM Technology Co.Ltd: Leading the Course of Technological Innovation

In today’s technologically vibrant era, innovation has become an indispensable choice for enterprises and an inevitable path forward. As a leader in China’s technology innovation field, CDM Technology Co.Ltd is playing a crucial role in driving progress with its unique incubation model and extensive industry experience, leading the charge in China’s technology wave. As we advance in…
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The New Opportunities for Leading Korean DeFi Project NEOPIN

On February 16, 2024, two major blockchain platforms, Klaytn and Finschia, announced their merger into a unified mainnet, Project Dragon. Project Dragon aims to create a giant blockchain in Asia by organically integrating the two ecosystems and assets, leading the growth of the Web3 market in Asia. The merged new chain will be compatible with…
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Bitcoin L2 Inscription token $BAOO reached 100% inscription in 3 minutes, with an increase of 1600% on LessGas

Breaking: Bitcoin L2 inscription token $BAOO was launched on the Bitcoin L2 inscription platform LessGas, and the inscription was completed in 3 minutes, with an increase of 1600%. LessGas is a Bitcoin L2 inscription platform based on the Bitcoin L2 MAP Protocol. It has currently launched more than 10 developer inscription projects, and more than…
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ALLspark——Innovating inscription cross-chain technology to attract capital investment

“One night I suddenly heard the inscription, and thousands of chains bloomed.” This sentence can be said to be a description of the current environment of the inscription market. Currently, the craze for inscriptions has spilled over to major public chains, leading to a casting frenzy. In this craze, we are expected to witness a…
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Hotcoin is set to launch WDOMI futures trading on March 13 at 14:13

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, WDOMI/USDT (futures) trading will be available starting at 14:13 on March 13, 2024 (GMT+8). The exchange will initiate a 1:1 conversion based on the WDOMI mainnet launch progress. Specific details regarding the conversion time and method will be communicated through official Hotcoin announcements. WDOMI is constructing the fastest…
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Hotcoin will launch MiaoYin Coin (MYC) trading on March 8 at 12:12

According to the official announcement, Hotcoin will open MYC/USDT trading services on March 8 at 12:12 (GMT+8), and MYC deposits and withdrawals will be available from 11:12 on the same day. MYC is a mature enterprise-level trusted blockchain framework platform. It focuses on improving the efficiency, stability, and security of existing blockchain technologies and aims…
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ALLspark core inscription ASK transaction frequency breaks through every minute/time

ALLspark core inscription ASK started trading at 14:00 on March 3, 2024 (UTC+8). The initial transaction value was 0.0000675USDT. The value stabilized to 0.000675USDT on that day, and the transaction frequency exceeded every minute/time.ASK represents a new track for Inscription to combine smart contracts and GameFI applications, and it will also mean that the Inscription…
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CT Futures Partners with Renowned Institutions to Launch Cryptocurrency Debit Card

On December 21, 2023, CT Futures, a contract exchange (CT Exchange), announced its partnership with the well-known crypto institution Railone to launch its own cryptocurrency debit card, the CT Card. This card supports various mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and Doge. It has been accepted by 46 million merchants across 200 countries and regions,…
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Sarvis.AI: The investment landscape of 2024 transformed after the Sora explosion, driven by the convergence of AI and Web3 technologies.

Introduction: Sarvis.AI, dedicated to crafting a super AI steward, has recently stirred discussions in the venture capital realm. At a time when Sora is making a remarkable ascent and mainstream digital assets see a resurgence in value, the underlying connections unveil early investment opportunities accessible to everyone in 2024. This article delves into the analysis,…
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