3EX Six Years of Brilliance, Embarking on a New Chapter

3EX Six Years of Brilliance, Embarking on a New Chapter

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The 3EX trading platform recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. In these six years, 3EX has witnessed the ever-changing crypto market. In this era of significant developments, 3EX has not only made the leap from zero to one but also transcended from excellent to outstanding, leading the industry with innovation and professionalism, becoming the world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform.

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Six Years of Brilliance, A Journey of Glory

In 2017, the founding team of 3EX was born, carrying the dream of providing a high-quality digital trading experience for global users. Headquartered in Dubai, 3EX received comprehensive support from a top ten global fintech group. The 3EX parent company operates in multiple sectors including forex, private equity, and investment, serving over seven million investors worldwide. It holds financial business compliance licenses in multiple countries, including the UK, UAE, USA, and Canada.

Since its inception, 3EX has always adhered to the philosophy of “Customer First, Experience Priority,” continuously exploring and innovating. Through relentless efforts, 3EX has grown from an initial team of a dozen people into an international company with over 300 professionals, serving more than five million users globally. Our growth is inseparable from the trust and support of every user.

3EX: Six Years of Breakthroughs in Digital Asset Trading

We successfully activated the 3ex.com main domain, valued at 5 million USD, marking a significant brand upgrade.

We optimized our trade matching engine, significantly enhancing trading stability and efficiency.

We launched the BitBroker Innovative Partner System, achieving scalable and standardized management of partner teams.

Looking Forward to a New Chapter

On this 6th anniversary, 3EX pioneers in applying the powerful AI capabilities of GPT to the digital asset trading field, transforming 3EX into the world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform. Users can easily create trading strategy scripts through conversation, enjoying services like simulating historical profits and losses, automatically triggering trading signals, and executing trade orders – all part of the all-in-one AI trading service.

The launch of the 3EX AI Copy Trading feature further lowers the barriers to using AI trading. Users can simply follow the strategies of trading experts with a click, easily replicating and executing top-quality AI trading strategies, and effortlessly mastering the code of wealth.

At this memorable moment, we express our deepest gratitude to all users and partners who support and trust 3EX. It’s your companionship that has enabled 3EX to continue leading the trend. Looking to the future, 3EX will remain committed to innovation, continuously optimizing products and services, and together with global users, we will embark on a new era of digital asset trading.

Let’s join hands and co-create a splendid chapter in the AI era of digital asset trading!

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