Link guide between BUT and USDT

Link guide between BUT and USDT

2021-11-27 News 0

From the perspective of opportunity analysis, there is no other outlet that is hotter than cryptocurrency. High-speed investment income and profit growth provide motivation for the influx of the blockchain market. The predictable return of funds provides investors with protection and enthusiasm. Soaring. The wind has come, and actively embracing the trend is better than passively participating in the wave. Speed and timing are very important.


As we all know, the biggest advantage of USDT is that it can ensure that investors’ assets in the currency circle do not shrink with the market. It is equivalent to the same amount of U.S. dollars, 1USDT=1 U.S. dollar, making it a good choice in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Hedged tokens. BUT uses the USDT exchange channel as the entry point to establish an integrated digital economic ecology that is integrated with the existing blockchain ecosystem, and at the same time integrates digital asset management, transactions, financial services, cross-chain interaction, DApp distribution, etc. With multiple functions, BUT is also an application combination of DeFi+USDT.

In the future, BUT will continue to meet user requirements for various digital asset services. At the same time, it will integrate finance, transactions, new meta-universe ecology, chain games, public chain cold wallets, decentralized storage, data applications, and NFT art. The series of behaviors are aggregated in the landing application of BUT, standing on the highest point of the entire industry, creating a national blockchain application platform for all walks of life around the world, and achieving ecological prosperity under the support of the BUT payment underlying system!


In addition, BUT’s revenue mechanism is also a key point for attracting users to hold coins. The total amount of BUT issuance is 1 billion. Every user can participate in the BUT whitelist through a decentralized wallet. BUT whitelist users can get BUT tokens every day according to the amount of USDT in the decentralized wallet. The total whitelist user income is 3 100 million BUT (the more you deposit, the more you earn); BUT whitelist users can also get BUT candies by sharing, and the total candies is 200 million BUT (the more you share, the more candies); new users participate for the first time , Contact BUT official to get 10 TRX.

It can be seen from the distribution mechanism of BUT tokens that whitelist participants and promoters only need to deposit USDT through their own decentralized wallets to obtain BUT tokens, and participants do not have any investment risk. Participants and promoters work with the BUT community to promote the consensus of BUT in the global blockchain industry, so as to achieve the market value of BUT tokens.

This kind of operation mechanism of BUT is risk-free, ultra-low threshold, and no bubbles. Every participant in the system can benefit from the dedication and indirectly promote the development of the entire ecology. The amount of USDT in the user’s wallet complements BUT, etc. Value exchange, together to form an endless loop, the recommendation reward and profit mechanism create unlimited value-added and create an infinite loop route.


We also hope that with the new trend of BUT development, more members will join the BUT global community, look at the world with a new perspective, look at the blockchain, and jointly leverage the leverage of wealth!

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