Meta Resident is about to launch IDO!

Meta Resident is about to launch IDO!

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Description of Meta Resident

Meta Resident (MR) is a BSC-based DAO protocol. It is the world’s first Defi 2.0 application DAO protocol based on the great autonomous community. In the future, it can expand and link the entire ecology of the Defi layer 2 financial protocol. Official website:

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Meta Resident Economic Model

The total amount of MR is 10,000, 2,000 are whitelisted IDOs, and the remaining 8,000 tokens will be directly put into the PancakeSwap trading pool MR/BNB, then the contract ownership will be discarded, and the liquidity pool will be locked. Users need to buy MR and then inject liquidity into the liquidity pool. , after obtaining the LP certificate, you can become an official DAO member by staking it.

At present, the transaction tax point set by the MR ecosystem is 5%, which will be deducted for each transaction in the liquidity pool. The DAO dividend pool can also regularly issue airdrop tokens for cooperative projects. The specific uses can be divided into the following:

1.DAO dividend pool 2%

The DAO dividend pool distributes dividends to all DAO full members according to the LP pledge weight ratio;

2. DAO Marketing Vault 1%

DAO treasury is used for MR growth period development expenditure to ensure the healthy growth of the overall ecology;

3. Deflation destroys 2%

Deflation burning by 2% can make the entire MR ecosystem continue to deflate until 2,100 tokens remain.

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Meta Resident Meta Resident IDO Details

Meta Resident Meta Resident IDO Details Whitelist Rules:

Two Meta Resident NFTs:

MR Treasures (MRT) and MR Characters (MRC)

NFT can be transferred and sold in the NFT market by itself, and it has a certain transaction value and appreciation space in the trading market.

10 MRTs represent assets, and represent 10 resource wealth in Yuanzhumin’s world with the image of bank cards:

1 War resources; 2 Natural resources; 3 Real estate resources; 4 Traffic resources; 5 Emotion resources; 6 Street resources; 7 Technology resources; 8 Energy resources; 9 Life resources; 10 Art resources

MRT is sold in limited quantities, with 120 pieces per model in the early stage (before IDO) and 60 pieces per model in the later stage (ecological outbreak period).

12 MRCs represent identity, unlimited output, every contributor can get it

The 12 MRCs represent the founders in the 12-bit resident world, and these NFTs commemorate their contributions

These 12 NFTs are named after 12 constellations, which also represent the beliefs of all Yuan residents in the Metaverse

Meta Resident NFT has three values in the ecology:

1.Early participation in IDO subscription

MR is very scarce, only 10,000 pieces, 2,000 pieces are the creation benefits of early participants, and only NFT holders can get the IDO whitelist.

When IDO is gaining momentum

Every resident can buy MRT in the NFT market, a total of 1200, each 0.04BNB (about 18U), holding 1 MRT NFT after purchase means that you will get 1 MR token, which also means that you do not need Do tasks or participate in events, compete for the whitelist, and you can get Genesis MR at a lower price.

Holders of MRC NFTs mean that they have an IDO whitelist, share 800 MR token quotas, a single address limit of 200U equivalent BNB, each MRC NFT represents a 15U equivalent BNB quota (1 MR), first come, first served.

Every resident can participate in Twitter activities to get MRC NFT, and 50 of them have the opportunity to get the IDO whitelist;

In addition, those who participate in the whitelist activities at the IDO partners of MR can also obtain MRC NFTs corresponding to the amount of participating IDOs.

*IDO’s MR token distribution is based on holding NFT as proof

*How to obtain the whitelist: A participates in Twitter activities and has the opportunity to obtain it; B participates in activities on the partner platform

*IDO token distribution process:

MRT line” 1 to buy NFT, 2 to receive coins at the time of distribution;

MRC Route”A 1. Enter the whitelist on the IDO platform, and transfer the right to confirm the right. 2. Obtain NFT. 3.

B 1 Participate in the Twitter task, get NFT, 2 have the opportunity to enter the whitelist, 3 receive coins after the distribution time

2.As a core member status symbol of MR DAO

3.Welfare and application in the subsequent ecology

Mainly pay attention to community accounts, enter the official telegram group tweet, like and follow. after finishing

Send it to the telegram administrator for review and approval, and then provide the address, the administrator will issue NFT, and there will be participants

Eligibility with IDO.

Please pay attention to the official news, official website:

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