P2E.Game, the One-stop GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform, has launched SocialFi Feature

P2E.Game, the One-stop GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform, has launched SocialFi Feature

2022-06-26 News 0

P2E.Game, the One-stop GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform, creates a Web.3.0 portal that combines SocialFi, GameFi, and NFT.Gamers on P2E.Game can achieve an on-chain independent creator economy through SocialFi tool and use the fan economy effect to build their influence, where fans are connected to creators and both share rewards for content creation.

Recently, P2E.Game has announced the launch of its E2E product (Email To Earn) to help projects find their target users in P2E.Game social system and bond projects with users through a more effective Web3-sense of marketing, which can also help them and build user pools to maintain user loyalty. Gamers can also join global GameFi community to share ideas and insights in a DAO-driven system and participate as owners in building and operating the community. P2E.Game reshapes the user-project relationship to reach a win-win situation.

P2E.Game also initiates NFT aggregation section. By aggregating ETH, BSC, SOL and other public chains data in NFT, gamers can grasp NFT information from the whole network through one terminal. By doing so, NFT has broader exposure and gets greater liquidity. Through intelligent algorithms, P2E.Game constructs rankings, as gamer reference for selection, based on different dimensions from multiple perspectives such as TVL and market cap. To lower the threshold for players to NFT, users could find popular collections, new listings and upcoming events. By clicking on that info, users would be directly channeled to the platforms to mint NFTs. In addition, rankings by trading volume and other criteria as well as whale movements could also be found.

P2E.Game expands the matching of user needs across different trading markets through deep aggregation of NFT trading markets. Through the aggregating platform, users are able to search for NFT-series assets, full-chain information, TVL, floor prices and other important information.

P2E.Game simultaneously embarks on the journey of creating a GameFi ecology, a combination of Game Library and Launchpad. P2E.Game collects more than 95% of projects and their data in Chain Games, evaluates quality projects to display them in the Spotlight section and provides abundant game strategies according to intelligent algorithms. In the Launchpad, P2E.GAME presents a panoramic view of launchpads such as platform token prices, market cap, TVL, trading volume, IDO projects number, and ROI. That information could help players efficiently find the most promising projects launched, also helping investors and gamers to find the upcoming GameFi projects to participate in with information on date range, entry price, and total raise number, forming a situation where good money drives out bad money.

In order to boost the global market, P2E.Game has announced the launch of global airdrop campaign to promote with incentive mechanism. The platform users have already exceeded 100,000 and spread across various regions in Asia, Europe and America. In the near future, P2E.Game will march in more countries and regions on the basis of existing communities and accelerate its expansion of the global market.

With the development of GameFi and NFT, global capitals will Beef up expansion of the market. As a pioneer in the industry, P2E.Game will take its place in the Web 3.0 era with its first-mover advantage.


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